Smart hooks ensure the safety of high-altitude operations

Intelligent safety hooks to escort the safety of workers working at heights is the primary prerequisite for working at heights and an important guarantee for the smooth development of the project. The intelligent safety hook is composed of two parts: the main hook and the auxiliary hook. Drop, waterproof, dustproof "three defenses".

The "smart safety hook" also supports solar charging, and the main hook also supports GPS, voice calls, voice prompts, ascent warning, SOS alarm, and fall alarm.

The smart safety hook can also be linked with the smart helmet. When the double hook and the gyroscope induction link or the sensor detects that the worker is walking, the "smart safety hook" communication will be automatically transmitted to the "smart helmet", and the "smart helmet" will perform local voice reminders, and the camera will automatically capture and upload to the platform.


The frequent occurrence of high-altitude work safety accidents not only caused damage to the health of the accident owner, but also put his family in a difficult situation, and also led to the lag of the construction unit project, and the follow-up work was also deeply affected, resulting in a series of bad effects . The intelligent safety hook can be widely used in a series of scenarios such as exterior wall cleaning, electric power construction, and engineering construction, providing a strong security guarantee for the development of the project.

Post time: Feb-17-2023