Solar Backpack

  • 20W  Solar Backpack

    20W Solar Backpack

    This series of products is a 20W solar backpack. The appearance and strength of the backpack coexist. The backpack has a variety of styles. It can be attached to a trolley case, can hold a 15.6-inch computer, double zipper design, and a photovoltaic charging backpack. Outdoor travel is not afraid of power failure.

  • 10W 001 Black Solar Backpack

    10W 001 Black Solar Backpack

    This product is a 10W solar backpack. It belongs to outdoor solar power generation products, business solar power generation backpack, efficient power generation, mobile power supply, USB fast charging. Powerful functions can meet your discerning needs: 15.6-inch computer, trolley case that can be attached to, back ventilation, life waterproof, etc.

  • 30W 002 Camouflage Solar Backpack

    30W 002 Camouflage Solar Backpack

    This product is a 30W solar-powered backpack for mountaineering, specially designed for long distances. The product has the following characteristics: light to carry, dry and breathable, waterproof fabric material, large capacity can meet the daily needs of 3-5 days. There are various problems in the mountaineering bags on the market. This solar mountaineering bag can provide USB output, convenient folding and storage, gift mountaineering buckles, etc., which can solve travel troubles.

  • 10W 010 Grey Solar Backpack

    10W 010 Grey Solar Backpack

    This product is a 10W gray solar energy backpack for mummy sterilization. It is a solar technology backpack that uses ozone to sterilize and protect mommy’s health. Moms are afraid that the virus will always threaten the health of their babies when they travel. They are worried that the baby’s feeding bottle is lying in the bacteria. This backpack can support one-key sterilization, turn on the power supply, and one-key sterilization. It only takes 5 minutes to remove golden grapes. Coccus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and other bacteria that endanger the health of the baby are all killed, so that the bottle can be thoroughly sterilized, medical-grade active oxygen sterilization, the sterilization rate is 99%, no harmful residues, storage and disinfection can be solved at one time, which is the mother’s peace of mind Shop here.