Sinopec released its medium and long-term energy outlook for the first time, and photovoltaics will become the largest power source around 2040

On December 28, Sinopec officially released the "China Energy Outlook 2060" in Beijing. This is the first time that Sinopec publicly released the results related to the medium and long-term energy outlook. "China Energy Outlook 2060" pointed out that under the coordinated development scenario of China's energy transformation, the development of natural gas will experience a period of steady growth, a period of carbon peaking, a period of steady peaking and a period of steady decline. With the technological progress of photovoltaic power generation, the improvement of system efficiency, the reduction of cost, and the improvement of power grid consumption capacity, photovoltaic will go through the stage of accelerated deployment and the stage of comprehensive development. Around 2040, it will become the largest power source.


Ren Jingdong, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, expounded the connotation of building a new energy system from four aspects, and pointed out that realizing energy security and stability and ensuring the smooth operation of the economy and society are the primary tasks. Realizing green and low-carbon energy and promoting the integrated development of fossil energy and renewable energy The only way to go is to achieve energy economic efficiency and build an energy powerhouse. It is an important mission, and it is a common responsibility to achieve a high level of opening up in the energy field and open up a new situation of energy cooperation and win-win.

Zhao Dong, general manager of Sinopec, said that "China Energy Outlook 2060" is the latest achievement of Sinopec in exploring how to take the road of high-quality energy development with Chinese characteristics. Systematic judgment of energy development trends. Sinopec is willing to work with all parties to strengthen academic exchanges, deepen all-round cooperation, jointly promote more high-level and high-quality energy research results and energy development achievements, and work together to speed up the planning and construction of a new energy system and protect the country. Contribute to energy security.

Post time: Dec-30-2022